Isha Hata Yoga Programmes

Designed by Sadhguru, Isha Hata Yoga programmes are an unparalleled opportunity to learn practices derived from a yogic tradition maintained in its full sanctity and vibrancy for thousands of years. The classes will be conducted by highly trained teachers and will offer classical Hata Yoga in its full depth and dimension.

Classes will include Upa Yoga, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Yogasanas and many more programmes to come.

Isha Hata Yoga Teachers

Isha Hata Yoga teachers have undergone an intensive 6-months training programme at the Isha Yoga Center situated at the foothills of the sacred Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Established by Sadhguru as a sacred space for self transformation, the Isha Yoga Center provides an atmosphere conducive for any spiritual seeker. The Center houses many elements that make it a place of tremendous energy and dynamism.

The intensive training process focused on establishing awareness and experiential understanding of the yogic practices in the teachers through a step-by-step rigorous training in methodology and in conducting programs.

Teachers Sharing

“The initial 21 days were a struggle for the body, and soon after there was a sense of oneness - my system merged with everything around. This was a time dedicated to observing myself in every way. I realised and witnessed lots of correlation between what I eat and its effect on my system, the way I sit, stand and see, the breath and the body postures. Being rigid and being firm, I knew the difference but I have now clearly understood. The whole process led to the next level of awareness, alertness from where I started the training. Our teachers and volunteers have touched my way of living, the way they were - very disciplined, firm, alert, paying attention to every little move of each participant in the postures, guiding us through the different phases. All my fellow trainees – coming from different countries and backgrounds, gradually becoming like a one big global family – sharing different experiences and knowledge, gave us all further confidence in ourselves. It is true that words are always too little to describe transformation, it really needs to be witnessed!”
– Tejal Thakker

About the Lineage

According to yogic lore, Adiyogi, Shiva himself, is said to have spent time upon the Velliangiri Mountains, gracing this region with his presence many thousands of years ago. Adiyogi left behind a powerful energy palpably cascading from these mountains even today, earning this region the historic reference “The Kailash of the South.” Generations of oral history in South India detail the lives of countless legendary yogis and exuberant mystics who were drawn to the vibrant energies of these mountains. Working towards the ultimate goal of self-realization, they transcended the limitations of body and mind, and created tools for liberation. Their mystical knowledge lives on these sacred mountains peaks. At the foothills of these sacred mountains lies Isha Yoga Centre where the Isha Hata Yoga teachers have spent a substantial amount of time during their training, imbibing the quality of the space.


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